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We're hiring for the 2016-2017 school year! Are you passionate about cooking, healthy eating and...

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Chef Led Cooking Class and Fundraiser with Milkflower Pizza

We are thrilled to announce a fundraiser hosted by Milkflower in Astoria, NY, July 17 thru July...

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Best of Cooking Classes NYC

Best of Cooking Classes NYC

Thanks Mommy Nearest for including our cooking classes in the BEST OF roundup of NYC! Check it out...

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Pretzels and Beet Dip

Pretzels and Beet Dip

With Valentine's Day fast approaching we knew our students would be vying for a sweet chocolatey...

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A New Kind of Grilled Cheese

One of our educators, Chef Milen, made this fun play on the classic grilled cheese. Jazzed up with...

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Vegetable Mulligatawny

Vegetable Mulligatawny

Tonight marks the beginning of our new class, Flexible Feast. I'm excited to kick off this class...

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New Class Offerings

We've been busy developing new class offerings and thrilled to finally announce them! See details...

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Astor Bake Shop Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Astor Bake Shop Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Chefs. We love chefs. We especially love our super generous chef partners who approach us...

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Hot Cocoa Pancake Mix

Hot Cocoa Pancake Mix

Our students are about to return from holiday break. Before they left we whipped up a bag of dry...

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