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Kids in the Kitchen

Squashed by Butternut Ravioli

Squashed by Butternut Ravioli

Free-formed butternut squash ravioli in the 4th-5th grade class. My students are close to...

2 Comments / 2366 days ago

Zombies and Witch Fingers

The best way to peak massive interest in food is to make it unbearably enticing: "When we go into...

1 Comment / 2369 days ago

The Science of Spinach Fatayer

I arrived Monday braced for defeat. It makes the week start with much more than a groan of wishful...

8 Comments / 2379 days ago

Cream of Sweet Potato Soup: Best Soup Ever Made

"Does anyone recognize and can name these two spices?" I ask a class full of kindergarten and first...

No Comments / 2383 days ago

Fresh Salsa and Enchiladas or Nutella Crepes

Everyday without fail, when I pick up my students, I am asked the same question: "What are we...

5 Comments / 2395 days ago

We Will Never Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

At the beginning of every semester I make the mistake of asking my students what we should cook...

11 Comments / 2402 days ago

It’s Not a Pumpkin, It’s Gazpacho

"What's this?" I ask holding up a rainbow-hued heavily gnarled heirloom tomato to my new class of...

1 Comment / 2410 days ago

Allergic to Salad

That’s what my students say when they see green on the table: I’m allergic to salad. It...

6 Comments / 2411 days ago