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Allergic to Salad is funded by grants, individuals, and in-kind donation. If you would like to make a monetary tax-deductible donation, please follow the link below. Where does your money go?

$30 supports one child taking one class.
$100 buys food supplies for 3 classes.
$150 supports a trained food educator to lead the classroom.
$250 pays for curriculum development.
$400 buys a new curriculum kit for a new food educator.
$600 pays for one entire 20 student class (food, educator, development).


Restaurant/ Event Space
Do you own a restaurant or space that Allergic to Salad can use for classes?
How it Works: We host a class between service (like brunch and dinner), clean up, and leave before your patrons arrive. Many of our families stick around for a drink or treat after the class. We’re especially looking for spaces to utilize during the school day and after-school hours (between 3PM and 4:30PM).
Taster Restaurant Partner: In some cases, our restaurant partners sponsor the class, providing food and chef to lead the class. We work with the restaurant on additional (kid-friendly) supplies that might be needed and provide an Educator to team teach, if desired. Often, at the end of class the restaurant dish our students learned to make is featured on the menu (usually for one to two weeks). Our students love to tell their friends and bring their families back to the restaurant to share the special dish and say hello to the chef. It’s a great community builder and our restaurant partners highly enjoy the experience with many offering multiple classes.
Gourmand Restaurant Partners: These restaurant partners sponsor a class outlined in Tasters, above. The featured dish our students make becomes an Allergic to Salad fundraiser with a percentage of proceeds from the order returning to Allergic to Salad (tax-deductible donation) to fund more free classes for our students. We spread the word to our family base, social media, newsletters and partners, who spread the word to their friends and family. People come to your restaurant to eat the dish (and more). This grows some serious positive community. As with the Taster Partner, we find restaurants really enjoy this option and continue to offer this fundraising partnership.

Product Donation
We also need and accept donations of product, produce and other resources, please email us to let us know how you want to help. For instance, Saunders Bros Mill in Maine donated wooden dowel rolling pins for our students. How can you help?


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