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Allergic to Salad is proud to partner with The Kids Cook Monday campaign to bring you the Educator’s Toolkit {Link} Lesson Plans and Recipes {PDF}, and the Family Toolkit {Link}. It is all the information you need, including recommended supplies, curriculum, recipes, and more, to start cooking with kids.

Below are some of our recommended tools and equipment for the cooking classroom, adventurous eaters and beyond.

Culinary Kit Equipment Recommendations
In general, we believe investing in the purchase of stainless steel is more durable than plastics. Check dollar and discount stores as many will have the basics you need to start cooking. Quantity will depend on class and small group size.

Flex cutting board/ work mats
8-10 inch Wood Rolling Pin
Vegetable Peelers
3 Quart Stainless Steel Mixing bowl
Stainless Steel Measuring Cups/ Spoons
Mixing/ Serving Spoons
8 to 10 inch Whisk
Cheese/ Vegetable grater
8-inch stainless steel strainer
Hand-powered blender
Immersion blender
Middle School /Adult Knife
Middle School/ Adult Cutting Board

Electric Burner (classes w no stove)
12” stainless steel skillet
3 Qt. stainless steel pot w lid
Convection Oven/ Toaster (baking option)
Silicone mini muffin tray
Pastry brush
Bench scraper

Can Opener
3-prong extension (if needed for oven/burner)
3-prong splitter (if needed for oven/burner)
Plates, forks, spoons

3 tier roller cart (storage option)
Kitchen towels
Spray cleaner
Hand soap
Dish soap
Cutting board dry rack

Child Chef Knives (for Elem Kit)

Cutting Board (thick)
Adult Chef Knives
Child Chef Knives (for Elem Kit)

Baby-led Weaning Recommendations
Baby-led Weaning Book by Gill Rapley
Dining Placemat (Silicone/ Reusable)– Great for restaurants
Dining Placemat (Disposable)– Great for restaurants
Spill Mat– Containing the floor mess
COOKBOOK: The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Childcare by Sally Fallon Morell
COOKBOOK: Baby-led Weaning Cookbook by Gill Rapley

On-the-Go Storage
EcoLunch, square stainless steel (snack size)
LunchBot Condiment Container, circular (snack/ dip size)
D’Eco Lunch Box w/ trio divides, easy tab open stainless steel (lunch size)
D’Eco Lunch Box w/ duo divides, easy tab open stainless steel (lunch size)
ThinkBaby Bento, easy tab open stainless steel (lunch size)
Thermos 10 oz stainless steel easy open flip top
PackIt freezable lunch bags
Travel cutlery

DIY Products Class Recs
Mini funnel (for filling containers)
2 oz screw top low tins (Magic Balm + Cough Rub)
NOW Solutions Vegetable Glycerin (Magic Balm + Cough Rub)
Shea Butter 
(Magic Balm + Cough Rub)
Organic Beeswax Flakes (Magic Balm + Cough Rub)
Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil (Magic Balm + Cough Rub)
5oz Clear Plastic Spray Bottle
(Bug Spray)
2 oz Glass Amber Spray Bottle (Hand Sanitizer)
Aloe Vera Gel (Hand Sanitizer)
Vitamin E Oil (Hand Sanitizer)
Witch Hazel (Hand Sanitizer + Bug Spray)
Apple Cider Vinegar (Bug Spray)
1/4 oz glass dropper (teething oil)
Citronella EO (Bug Spray)
Lemongrass EO (Bug Spray)
Lemon Eucalyptus (Bug Spray)
Eucalyptus EO (Bug + Cough)
Geranium EO (Bug Spray)
Peppermint EO (Bug + Hand)
Cinnamon EO (Hand Sanitizer)
Clove Bud EO (Bug + Teething)
Thieves EO (Hand Sanitizer)
Chamomile EO (Magic + Cough)
Lavender EO (Cough + Hand + Bug)
Tea Tree EO (Cough + Hand + Bug)
Lemon EO (Cough + Hand + Bug)
Eucalyptus Smithii Organic EO (Cough)

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