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Cooking with Kids. Winter 2010-2011.
Guest Blogger.


The Price is Right. January 2009. pp 34-38.
Where NY. Salad Days. October 2008. pp 18-21.



 rBGH Issue Page. Edit, Research and Update, May 2008.
Raw Milk Issue Page (tk). Research and Write, May 2008.
Artificial Hormones Issue Page (tk). Edit, Research and Update, May 2008.
Dairy Issue Page (tk). Edit, Research and Update, May 2008.
Sustainable Table, Guest Blogger


Get Wet With These Summer Drinks. July 24, 2008. (Queens-wide; Guide)
True Colors: Natural Egg Dyes. March 20, 2008. (Queens-wide, Qboro Cover Story)
Super Bowl Food Plays. January 31, 2008. (Queens-wide, Qboro Cover Story)
Brave the Winter Cold with Soup. Dec 20, 2007. (Queens-wide, Cover Story)
Street Eats: A Journey Under the 7 Train. Sept 27, 2007. (Queens, Cover Story)
A Month of Sundays. April 12, 2007. (Queens-wide QBoro Cover Story)
Planning Ahead For The Spring Harvest. March 15, 2007. (West Queens Section)
Love Bites. February 8, 2007. (Queens-wide QBoro Cover Story)


    Singles Scoop. January 4-10, 2007.




Sporty Spice. September/ October 2006. pp 60-67. (Chile Pepper PDF)