We Will Never Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

At the beginning of every semester I make the mistake of asking my students what we should cook during the semester. Responses vary slightly from: “Pizza.” “Pizza.” “Pizza.” “Fries.” “Hamburgers.”...

It’s Not a Pumpkin, It’s Gazpacho

“What’s this?” I ask holding up a rainbow-hued heavily gnarled heirloom tomato to my new class of kindergarten to first graders. (It’s a dirty game where the unknown is fun in what I like to call, Mystery Fruit and Vegetables.) “A...

Allergic to Salad

That’s what my students say when they see green on the table: I’m allergic to salad. It doesn’t matter if we’re making salad or not, they’re on auto-pilot. This is my release from allergies. It is where I’ll be posting tidbits about my work teaching New York City...

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