The Science of Spinach Fatayer

I arrived Monday braced for defeat. It makes the week start with much more than a groan of wishful dreaming for that far off Friday. Our star ingredient this week was spinach. I was ready for false convulsions to the floor (they’ve happened). Ready for tantrums,...

Cream of Sweet Potato Soup: Best Soup Ever Made

“Does anyone recognize and can name these two spices?” I ask a class full of kindergarten and first graders. The spices at each table are passed around for a sniff and a few sneezes. One of my students turns towards me in her chair disappointed from the...

Fresh Salsa and Enchiladas or Nutella Crepes

Everyday without fail, when I pick up my students, I am asked the same question: “What are we making today?” It repeats from the mouths of fifteen students into a cacophonous uproar. “What are we making today?” It eventually pulls a fog through...

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