National Macaroon Day

Macaroons, a traditional European delight originally crafted from Almond paste and egg whites, is a light, highly textured sweet. The coconut variety is a North American variation, developed in the late 19th century as a method of utilizing imported coconut from Cuba...
Four Delicious Dips

Four Delicious Dips

Hummus, a simple chickpea spread, is a traditional Arab dish that has taken hold in United States, thanks in part to brilliant marketing. There is even an international holiday. Hummus preparation varies regionally in the Middle East, preserving the same basic...
A Fresh Take on Carpaccio

A Fresh Take on Carpaccio

Warm days call for fresh salads, crisp and light with maybe a touch of citrus. Traditional carpaccio is composed of thinly shaved beef often combined with some crunchy fresh veggies that offset the richness of the meat, such as radish or arugula. Carpaccio is not...

USDA Undermines School Nutrition

We’ve already written about the need for Universal Free School Lunch, but an equally urgent (and oft-overlooked) issue is the need for those lunches to be NUTRITIOUS. Our schools are growing young hearts and minds, and adequate nourishment is an indispensable...

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