smelling thyme

Chef Ken started plucking herbs and passing them around. “Does this one remind you of lemon drops?” He asked, taking a whiff of lemon balm. Kids sniffed broad green celery leaves with their familiar fibrous aroma, and nibbled little bits of thyme, learning that the flowers are also edible. Chef and herbs

Following our fresh herb harvest, the class streamed back into the dining room to assemble our spring pea salad. Parents and passersby exclaimed over the enticing aromas of roasted garlic scapes, sesame seeds shape-shifted in the bowl of a mortar and pestle, and kids dipped their (clean!) hands into a huge mixing bowl of za’atar, a traditional Middle Eastern spice blend of thyme, oregano and sumac blended with our sesame seeds. JMF_4005

A spread of house-made tahini adorned the bottom of our plates, topped with a sprinkle of shelled spring peas and pea shoots. We learned about the difference between sugar snaps (shells are edible) and spring peas (shells are not). The Za’atar was a finishing touch, sprinkled over the bright green tendrils and delicate orbs of the peas. Every child tried it and reviews were (mostly) positive.

“Can I have a box to take home leftovers?” Was a recurrent request. Followed by: “When is the next class?” We’ll be at Bareburger’s flagship location in Astoria on June 11th at 2 PM. See you there.

Until then, eat dinner at Marlow and Sons (81 Broadway, Brooklyn) all week and order the Spring Pea Salad! Your purchase of that dish will support our underfunded school programs.

Thanks again to Chef Ken Wiss, Sous Chef Katy Moore, and the whole staff at Marlow and Sons for hosting us!

look at our plate!

Eat dinner at Marlow! June 1st-8th.



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