Baked Falafel with Herbed Feta Dip

This highlighted recipe is Baked Falafel with a herbed feta dip. Falafels are healthy and easy to make as they are made from chickpeas. Crazy how many things can be made out of chickpeas, right?! 

The kids helped assemble all the ingredients required in a big bowl. Then they all helped to make small balls of falafels and prepare them for the oven. While waiting for the falafel to bake, the students helped to make the herbed feta dip by breaking the feta into smaller pieces and using their favorite seasoning for the dip. Students really enjoyed the interactiveness and were excited to try the falafel. Once the falafels were cooled off, it was time to dip their yummy creation into the herbed feta dip.

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