IMG_0015This Thursday, March thirtieth, fifteen students ages 5-12 will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare a surprise dish dreamed up by Chef Adam Baumgart of Diner Restaurant in Williamsburg. That dish will then be featured on the menu at Diner for the following week, and proceeds will be donated to Allergic to Salad to support our programs in under-funded NYC schools. Stop by for dinner during the the fundraiser and your dollars will go directly towards supporting our food education initiatives.

This class is part of our restaurant partnership program, where an Allergic to Salad educator partners with the chef of one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants to offer students a very special opportunity to learn from professionals.

Diner, the flagship restaurant of Brooklyn restaurateur Andrew Tarlow, is housed in an old dining car shaded by the Williamsburg Bridge. Founded in 1999, Diner is one of the original strongholds of the farm-to-table restaurant scene that has become synonymous with Brooklyn culture. Their daily changing menu features locally sourced seasonal bounty and thoughtful preparation, all the values we strive to impart to our students.

We are very excited for this class and fundraiser and many thanks to Diner, owner Andrew Tarlow and Chef Adam Baumgart for graciously hosting the class and supporting ATS!


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