This week was the last class of the year before the Christmas holidays so students made some gingerbread cookies. They started off with the dough by creaming the butter, molasses, sugar, and spices all together. Then they added the flour and once the dough was formed, they chilled it in the fridge to firm up a bit. Then they split the dough into 4 balls, and we rolled it to 1/4″ thin.
Students used fun animal shaped cookie cutters to cut the dough and placed it on the sheet trays. While the cookies were baking, students made a royal icing using egg whites and powdered sugar which we heated up on a double boiler to cook the eggs and dissolve the sugar. Chef Andrew helped the students whip it up until it was thick and thin it down with some milk. They divided it into 4 containers and used food coloring to make it pink, blue, yellow, and green. Once the cookies cooled down, they use dipped one side on the icing and sprinkles to make it really festive and colorful!

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