Adult Cooking Classes

Our hands-on adult cooking classes cover techniques for beginner to returning cooks. With a focus on increasing comfort in the kitchen and expanding palates, you’ll learn basic techniques like knife skills, partnering flavors, kitchen improvisation, reading recipes, kitchen terminology, and more. We explore seasonal, international, wholesome recipes that focus on fresh ingredients, whole grains, and family-style meals.

We believe healthy, wholesome food is for everyone, and attempt to keep our classes affordable to everyone: they are almost always free. We utilize fresh, local, seasonal, and organic ingredients whenever possible. While we are cognizant and sensitive to the variety of food allergies prevalent, the foods we share are for everyone, whatever the age, who declares he is “Allergic to Salad.”

At the end of every lesson we have the opportunity to taste the dish(es) we have prepared together.

We Love Salad!

“I don’t like things from the store anymore – I only like things I help make.” Zelda

Age 4

“She used to be so picky. I could never get her to eat pumpkin soup. We made yours and she asks for it every night!”

Mom of Mary

Age 5

Food Tour - “What a wonderful, delightful — and delicious experience! Stacey exudes pride in her neighborhood… An excellent tour guide– so personable!”


Book a Class or Party

An on-site dinner party is an awesome way to spend time together with family and friends. Enjoy a fun evening while showing off your inner chef skills.

Support Us to Help Kids Eat Healthy

We are committed to bringing healthier options to the table. If you are a fan of our work and effort please consider making a kind donation towards a more nutritious future.

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