Cupcake Mommy

I found this drawing last week after a kindergarten/ 1st grade class.

I love the person: arthritic back, 4 eyes (maybe glasses?), awkward saggy boob hanging out at the left and a spatula-arm coming out the head. I can almost see the right arm bent at the side. Sweet green pants and there are even shoes! It’s way better than what I used to draw as people through second grade (which my mother still likes to tell me looked like 4 wobbly boobs with a head on top).
The chef’s toque (hat) is excellent as is the leaning tower of cupcakes– I’ll take the top, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, thank you. Very realistic still-life there.

Crowning it all is the clear, superb penmanship: [heart] MOMMY.

Moral: Mommies love cupcakes. Or is it Mommies love cooking cupcakes?

Still, I prefer my previous Meati find.


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