We’re excited to announce our December Educator of the Month, Chelsea Caravella! A nutritionist and food educator, Chelsea strives to help individuals become their happiest, healthiest selves. Whether in a consultation or the classroom, she hopes to teach people about how to nourish their bodies with whole, nature-based foods. When not cooking, you can find her hitting up a local farmer’s market, exploring nature, or petting an English bulldog. A seasoned veteran with Allergic to Salad, Chelsea’s classes are fun, informative, and delicious. We love her attention to detail, positive attitude, and commitment to her students!

Chelsea’s here to tell us more about why food and nutrition are her greatest passion.

Which ATS Classes do you teach/what ages?

I teach at City Knoll and NYC LAB School, both middle school.

Briefly describe your background in food, cooking and/or teaching, and how did you get started doing this work?

While my interest in food and cooking began in the kitchen with my grandparents, it really grew into a passion of mine during my study abroad trip in Italy where I was enrolled in Italian Vegetarian Cooking for my nutrition degree. Once I returned from that trip I had a newfound understanding and appreciation for locally sourced food and using fresh ingredients to create nourishing dishes for your health and spreading this notion to others.

Favorite food/recipe?

Pasta with pesto!

In your opinion or experience, why is food education important?

Food education including food origin and sources, how food affects our body, environment, health, wellness and overall lives is so important in increasing self-sufficiency, raising self-awareness as well as improving sustainable living efforts.

Anything else to add?

Eat more fruits and veggies! Practice eating/cooking/sourcing your food mindfully and intuitively; build a relationship with your food.

Thanks for being such a wonderful member of our team, Chelsea. You’re the best!

You can read more about Chelsea on her website, Well Made Nutrition.

Be sure to check back soon for our January Educator of the Month. In the meantime, happy cooking!

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