Found crumpled after my 4th/5th grade class.

I’m sure all classroom teachers (and parents) have found objects left behind: that torn corner with a private message to a friend; a bracelet casually misplaced by the sink; a scrawled drawing tossed aside, mistaken for trash. I found a piece of paper crumbled and left on the edge of a table after class yesterday. I was just about to throw it away when I decided to open it up and take a gander. Was it going to be a wad of chewing gum? A blank piece of paper carelessly wasted? The decoder to a secret language?

I know which student left it– 90% sure, anyway. This student requested a copy of the day’s recipe and before I could provide him with a sheet of paper to write it down, he pulled this crumpled wad out of his pocket. When I handed him the fresh sheet, unbeknownst to me, this one was left behind. We went on with our cooking, he went on with his recipe copying.

I opened the paper to total surprise. This student had taken the time to list and draw… what? A few of his favorite proteins? Flavor profiles? His shopping list? I was about to toss it when I decided to stick it into my own pocket and stick it up there.

I am personally fond of “meati,” though I am unsure what animal it comes from– a Siamese chicken (see double leg bone)? I love the drawing for the bone-in ham, complete with knife scoring, bravo. I also find pleasure in the fact that the more processed foods, fish “stik” and “patty”, are simple two-dimensional blobs, while the more identifiable food sources actually resemble what they are– and are far more appetizing.

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