Fourth of July festivities are often a time for grilling meat. Burgers, hot dogs, maybe even fried chicken if you own a deep fryer and feel like transforming your kitchen into a heat-filled splatter zone. The advantage of outdoor grilling is that it won’t turn your home into a sauna but you still get to prepare delicious food. During the summer my mother always avoided turning on our oven at all costs.

But what else are you going to eat? Maybe you plan on sticking your meat of choice onto a bun, covering it with ketchup, and calling it a day. But here are some other ideas. These are some classic “no-cook” recipes that we make with our students–refreshing, low prep vegetable appetizers/side dishes that will jazz up your summer table (click on photo for link).

Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls

Carrot Ribbon Salad

Zucchini Cucumber Carpaccio



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