This week, ATS educators took inspiration from Samin Nosrat’s book, “Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat”, showcasing these four essential cooking elements in a tasty tofu dish. Students learned that salt balances flavors, fat provides richness and texture, acid brightens things up, and heat transforms raw ingredients into a myriad of complex dishes. These are things our taste buds might be able to tell us easily, but having a vocabulary for what we’re tasting helps us understand the science happening behind the scenes.

This jerk tofu recipe can handle more or less seasoning, depending on your particular taste. Don’t forget the lime juice, though, as that will add the bright, zesty acidity that sets this meal apart from other tofu dishes. Because tofu is an excellent transformer, this week our educator, Tamar, and her students added a coat of corn starch combined with jerk seasoning to the tofu steaks and baked them in the oven. Tamar’s students loved these pseudo-chicken nuggets, saying they tasted just “like chicken”! To add another crunch to the plate, Tamar served the tofu-nuggets and salsa with some plantain chips.

We’d love to hear how you use salt, fat, acid and heat if making this recipe at home. Will you play with heat, like Tamar, and bake the tofu? Whatever you try, we hope it’s delicious, and can’t wait for another week of cooking!



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Team Allergic to Salad

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