Just breathe, I’ve been telling myself.

Fine. Half the class is 20 minutes late, making the whole class late, but we’re supposed to be done on time regardless.

It’s okay that a kindergartner is licking strawberry juice off her knife. Repeatedly.

We’re learning even though another student is crying while cutting peaches. Why!? I ask.
“I don’t know! I just am!” She whimpers back.

Another student manages to keep falling out of her chair.


Because a father comes into the class to see chaos at the doorstep, asks if you’re okay.

Realize your goal to move onto cracking eggs next week is shattered and you’ll have to repeat chopping next instead.

Just breathe. Because the year has just begun and there are another 40 or so weeks to go.

Because eventually, fingers crossed, the knife licker, the peach sobber and the chair tumbler will figure tings out and be there with you cutting, mixing, sitting up more and falling down less.

It’s a new semester.

Just breathe.

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