Love You Stast

This was given to me by a new student last week. It reads:

“Dear Stast / Love Yo You Love / Love You Love”

If you love cooking with children, or simply the idea of it, don’t forget that I’m raising funds to bring FREE cooking classes to my community. Head to where tax-deductible donations on this Valentine’s love day are doubled:
In class this week we’re cooking with blushing beets– and chocolate, of course, it is Valentine’s Day! I first encountered beets paired with chocolate a few years back at a restaurant in Chicago. It blew my mind. The sweet yet subtle earthiness of beets played wonderfully with dark chocolate.

I played off the Chicago recipe a few years back to make a flourless chocolate beet cake. I dusted the old girl off and tweaked her slightly for a Valentine treat this week: a fudgy flourless Chocolate Beet Cake (complete with fuchsia beet frosting!).

The wariness of seeing beets on our table with chocolate eventually subsided as these mini cakes hit the oven.

A loving success.

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