We’re excited to announce our May Educator of the Month, Anna Almiroudis! A Certified Integrative Health Coach, Anna is beyond passionate about health and wellness, striving to empower people by educating them about the importance of nutrition and the power of whole foods. Her passion for kitchen alchemy and creativity goes beyond food and includes making botanical skincare products and herbal remedies using fresh herbs, flower waters and pure essential oils. Although the 2018-19 school year was Anna’s first with Allergic to Salad, she’s wowed us with her creative recipes, fun-filled classes, and positive energy.

Want to know more about Anna? She’s here to answer a few questions about herself.

Which ATS Classes do you teach/what ages?

I teach kindergarten through second grade, mostly in Queens. 

Briefly describe your background in food, cooking and/or teaching, and how did you get started doing this work?

I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in integrative health and nutrition with a minor in herbal medicine. I used to teach botanical skincare classes to adults.

Favorite food/recipe?

I love sautéed shiitake mushrooms with rice or quinoa, as well as lentil soup.

In your opinion or experience, why is food education important?

Most metabolic or chronic disease can be avoided or controlled by proper nutrition and diet. Nutrition is crucial to health and wellness.

Anything else to add?

Good health and well-being begins with balanced nutrition.

You can also learn more about Anna by visiting her website, Anthesis Holistic Wellness. We’re so grateful for her dedication to Allergic to Salad and looking forward to her classes next year and beyond!

Be sure to check back in soon for our June Educator of the Month, our last feature of the school year. Can you believe summer is almost here?!

See you next time,

The Allergic to Salad Team

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