We’ve been busy developing new class offerings and thrilled to finally announce them! See details below, contact us for a quote and to bring these classes to your in-school and after-school programs, or off-site locations.

Family Class: 
FLEXIBLE FEAST – Cook. Stretch. Eat.
No time to workout? No time for dinner? Join us for a Flexible Feast! Come together as a community to prep a wholesome meal. As it simmers, we’ll participate in a family movement class then close our evening with a meal together. In combination or repeating movement classes are yoga, zumba, salsa, capoeira. 2 hour class.
Ideal ages: all ages
Other movement classes also available, as well as Shabbat-focused classes.

Child Class:
Dig through your cupboards and combine kitchen science to make awesome (non-toxic/ edible) toys! We’ll whip together kitchen staples like cornstarch, flour and vinegar to create everything from bath paint to sidewalk chalk to lava lamps to everything in between! Participants take home their creations and recipes. Class time is flex 1-3 hours.
Ideal ages: 3.5 to 8
Great vacation camp class

Parent Classes:
The same fun non-toxic toys we make for our kids DIY Toys Class we host for parents. We swap a few recipes to focus on toddler sensory fun. Participants take home their creations and recipes. 1.5 hour class.
Ideal ages: parents of toddlers 12 mo to 3.5
Great for weekday evenings

Toxins are everywhere in our environment so it’s only natural to ensure you give your baby the purest products. In this class we make non-toxic care products without harmful additives including our all-purpose magic balm (for dry/chapped skin, diaper rash, stretch marks, CS scars, sun and bug protection and more), natural hand sanitizer, body oil, teething oil and cough and cold vapor rub. Participants take home products and recipes. 1.5 hour class.
Ideal ages: parents-to-be, new parents
Great for weekday evenings

Join a discussion and primer on how to guide your little one to become an adventurous eater. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of baby-led weaning (blw), how it differs from “traditional” methods of starting solids and how to provide your child the guided structure needed to succeed in developing positive eating habits. Class includes food samples and recipes to take home. 2 hour class.
Ideal ages: parents-to-be, new parents
Great for weekday evenings

Book a Class or Party

An on-site dinner party is an awesome way to spend time together with family and friends. Enjoy a fun evening while showing off your inner chef skills.

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