Last week, Chef Andrew and students made ramen with loads of veggies and toppings! They started off by chopping and sauteing the aromatics such as garlic, ginger, onions, and carrots. Then, the students deglazed it with soy sauce and water and stirred in the vegetable bouillon concentrate and miso paste to create a flavorful broth. They added frozen broccoli and spinach and let it come to a boil. On a separate pan, students pan fried 3 different mushrooms: portobello, oyster, and cremini, and seasoned it with a soy-maple glaze and set it aside. They dropped in rice noodles and made fried eggs. As garnish, Andrew provided fried onions and if they wanted it spicier they had the option to add chili oil. Everyone loved this vegetarian especially as the weather is getting colder!

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