Let’s give a hand for our November Educator of the Month, Sharolyne Ramirez! A nutrition and dietetics major and personal trainer, Sharolyne’s whole life revolves around food and fitness. When she’s not teaching classes with Allergic to Salad, you can find her working out at the gym, making a delicious smoothie, or counseling others on how to make their lives healthier. We love Sharolyne’s vibrant energy and continued commitment to her students. We’re so grateful that she’s a part of our team!

We were lucky enough to have Sharolyne answer a few questions about herself.

Which Allergic to Salad classes do you teach?

I teach first through eighth grade. This year, I’ve been teaching at The Anderson School, Yorkville Community School, the Spruce Street School, Bronx Park Middle School, and East Harlem Scholars Academy.

Briefly describe your background in food, cooking and/or teaching, and how did you get started doing this work?

I have done summer camps and have spent a year working with Allergic to Salad. I am currently studying to be an RDN (Registered Dietician and Nutritionist).

Favorite food/recipe?

My favorite recipe is our cheddar chive biscuits!

In your opinion or experience, why is food education important?

Food is the foundation of our health. Food education helps bring awareness to the importance of nutrition and one’s health.

Anything else to add?

As a nutrition educator, I feel it is extremely important to educate our youth on proper nutrition and exercise, especially with the obesity epidemic in the U.S. The more awareness you bring to our youth, the more likely they are to develop healthier eating habits.

Here, Sharolyne describes why she loves our cheddar chive biscuits.

Thanks so much for being such a robust member of our team, Sharolyne. You rock!

You can read more about Sharolyne on her website.

Be sure to check back soon for our December Educator of the Month. In the meantime, happy cooking!

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