Schools & Community-Based Organizations

Classes feature the same customized, top-notch curricula we bring to over 150 partner sites every school year with a focus on “pantry” ingredients. Your site receives a password-protected page  with all upcoming live classes, equipment, and ingredient needs, as well as archives for later viewing. Extra enrichment videos on technique, skills, food policy, and CORE/STEM  extensions are also included on the page. Each live class is accessible to your students only and includes an exclusive two-educator team.

Allergic to Salad is a DOE vendor and WBE. And YES, DYCD contracts can be used for online learning!

Book a class series and receive a private, password-protected page for your site.

Testimonial from Helena at P.S. 279x:

“[T]he ATS program has been [a] very successful program. Students and parents are consistently and actively participating in the sessions. It was a good decision to bring the ATS program to our virtual after school program. The team is working excellently. Very good communication and follow-up on recommendations or other needs. 

We are very happy with the outcomes as now and with the opportunity for parents to cook with their children from home. We have observed an amazing learning experience, engagement, and fun!”

Student Instructions

Check the email from your site director for the private URL and password to access your culinary page. 

Be sure to come to class prepared! Find everything you need on your class page, including the equipment and ingredient list for the entire series. We recommend gathering all equipment and purchasing all pantry items, if possible, before your class series begins, and purchase two to three weeks of fresh ingredients before your approaching class.

Miss a live class? While we encourage participation in the live class to make a more engaging experience for everyone, don’t worry! The archive of all classes will be posted for later viewing (or reviewing)!

Ready to get cooking? Contact us to set your site up with live classes now.

See a Sample Live Class

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Sample Technique & Skills Videos

To watch a video, click on the image.


DIY Sourdough Starter

It’s alive! How to make a sourdough starter at home by harnessing the wild yeast and other microorganisms in the air. Perfect for bread, pancakes, and more!

Veggie Scrap Stock

Transforming vegetable scraps, like carrot tops, scallion greens, and garlic peels, into a hearty stock, perfect for soups, stews, and more. A great way to reduce your food waste and save some money!

Sprouts at Home

Sprouts are easy to make, nutritious, and above all delicious! This is a great science project to try out while learning about how plants grow.

Book a Class or Party

An on-site dinner party is an awesome way to spend time together with family and friends. Enjoy a fun evening while showing off your inner chef skills.

Support Us to Help Kids Eat Healthy

We are committed to bringing healthier options to the table. If you are a fan of our work and effort please consider making a kind donation towards a more nutritious future.

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