Our little babe at Allergic to Salad isn’t so little anymore. He’s now (army) crawling around the place, taking a great interest in pulling himself up and standing, and of course… EATING!

Based on our own experiences, and those of our chef friends, of feeding solids we’re offering new workshops specially geared towards parents interested in raising adventurous eaters. These workshops are based on how “the industry” that I know feeds their kids: with baby-led weaning.

You might think we’re all busy in the kitchen whipping up purees, but we’re not. Who has time for that anyway? We’re letting our kids develop and explore their tastes with no pressure, no puree, and barely a thought about feeding from you as caretaker. And it works.

Check out our calendar for our upcoming workshops: Raising Adventurous Eaters: Baby-led Weaning
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(For more information on the topic, read the book, Baby-led Weaning.)

Recent testimonials:

“I thought the information given during the class was way more helpful and concise than the book!! Also the recipes were wonderful and very tasty (as were the samples thank you). Seeing our 2 “focus group” testers try the food as well was informative, fun and adorable!!! I already made one of the recipes, it came out great and although my 5 1/2 month “adjusted” baby didn’t eat it he did play with it a lot, which is more than he did with other things I offered. All in all I highly recommend your BLW class!” – Victoria L.

“[This] class is awesome! She presents all the information really clearly and gives you the confidence that you can do it! We’re going to do a modified blw bc of daycare, but we’ve already used some of [the] tips, like giving Zoe a bone of meat to gnaw on. She was really into it! I also found her advice on raising adventurous eaters really great.” – Cindy L.

“I can vouch for the baby led weaning class. I learned a lot about a subject I was curious about, and can’t wait to put it into practice starting this upcoming weekend. Stacey uses these techniques, so it’s great to hear her real life experiences and to watch adorable little … in action instead of just reading about the theories  Well worth it for anyone who wants to learn more – have recommended it to my mommy friends at work as well!” – Micki M.

” Stacey’s class offered insight on eating as a family and the food samples and handouts were extremely helpful and practical. Today was our first go at blw and Patrick loved sharing our pasta dinner.” -Melissa M.

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