Our Master Chef classes offer an inside glimpse behind the doors of a kitchen, where a local chef shares knowledge with our aspiring pizza makers, sushi rollers and pasta shapers. These classes are hands on, giving children the chance to learn firsthand about the craft that goes into making food. Recipes are always vegetarian and nut-free, ingredients locally sourced where possible. Classes take place generally before service or at a time that is convenient for the restaurant and are held in the dining room. 

Starting the day of the class, and typically lasting one week, the dish the students learned is featured on the menu. A percentage of proceeds from the featured dish returns to Allergic to Salad to help us host more classes and purchase equipment for our under-funded school partners. This helps keep the cost of our classes down for these partner schools.

We’ve partnered with a diverse range of restaurants around the city including Marlow & Sons, Bareburger, Win Son and more! Our students have cooked up dishes from Spring Pea Salad with Za’atar to Roasted Carrots with Whipped Yogurt. 

These partnerships are a way to bridge a connection with the local community while promoting our commitment to a healthy future for all!

Contact us for upcoming classes or contact to set up a restaurant class in your neighborhood.

Book a Class or Party

An on-site dinner party is an awesome way to spend time together with family and friends. Enjoy a fun evening while showing off your inner chef skills.

Support Us to Help Kids Eat Healthy

We are committed to bringing healthier options to the table. If you are a fan of our work and effort please consider making a kind donation towards a more nutritious future.

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