Three Sisters Tacos

Three Sisters Tacos

The Three Sisters The three sisters crops—corn (or maize), squash, and beans came to be cultivated by Native Americans in Mexico as long as 7,500 years ago. While Native Americans originally relied on wild foraged food for sustenance, overpopulation and other societal...

School Lunch is Free. For Everybody.

Until the start of this school year, less than a third of NYC public schools offered free lunch to all students. Now, thanks to more intensive tracking of student backgrounds, the city has discovered that it qualifies for a federal program that funds school lunches....

USDA Undermines School Nutrition

We’ve already written about the need for Universal Free School Lunch, but an equally urgent (and oft-overlooked) issue is the need for those lunches to be NUTRITIOUS. Our schools are growing young hearts and minds, and adequate nourishment is an indispensable...

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