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How did I come up with a recipe for from-scratch pasta a two-year old can make? I have to admit it was out of a little jealousy. You know, sometimes a little encouragement is what’s needed–

I was talking to a friend who assisted in a toddler cooking class when I asked what they made. Mostly typical, fairly boring stuff, but then she mentioned pasta in a bag.
Pasta in a bag.
But that’s not possible! I walked away scratching my head, heading to my computer and cookbooks for hours of research. Finally, I realized, it was possible. I developed this recipe and must say I was proud of it. I then returned to my friend and requested more info.

For what?
The pasta in a bag.
That was silly– it was pre-cooked pasta that the kids shook up with cheese cubes and salad dressing.

Seriously? So all that jealousy, research, development, head scratching, and hours making various pasta batches in the kitchen were for naught?!

Not really. I’ve had a few amazing cooking classes with some new little chefs.

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