Last week we got to see behind the scenes at Terri’s main kitchen in Long Island City, sample their green juices, cook up some brownies, and learn about the magic behind plant-based eating.

Terri, founded by two best friends who named the business after their moms (unrelated), brings healthy and satisfying plant-based food to New York at their three locations in Manhattan.

Our favorite moment from the tour was at the beginning, when Rosa, our tour guide, showed a group of kids between the ages of five and seven a tray of tofu scramble, and we talked about what it was. The kids were so nervous to try it and hesitated for a good five minutes about even tasting a tiny bit. Then, the youngest girl in the group decided to try it, and she asked for more! Her adventurous spirit got the others to taste the scramble and love it.

We also learned about the entire process of making seitan. Wheat gluten gets slowly mixed with water in an industrial mixer. One of the employees vigorously kneads the dough and then boils the seitan in big pots. Before it goes on their sandwiches, the seitan gets smothered in bbq sauce and sauteed.

Sauteeing seitan

We also learned how to make the signature Terri brownies for a tasty treat after our tour. The kids learned about balance and why, while handmade brownies can be a tasty and rewarding treat, we don’t need to eat them for every meal.
Thanks to Terri NYC for hosting us and be sure to check out one of their Manhattan restaurants!

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