Kids cooking class

Summer is almost here! And with it, an exciting slew of kids cooking classes hosted by our restaurant partners.

  • One more day left in our fundraiser with Marlow and Sons. Order the spring pea appetizer through Thursday, June 8th, and your purchase will support equipment purchases in our underfunded school programs.
  • This Sunday, June 11th, we pair up with Bareburger at their flagship restaurant in Astoria to cook up some tasty falafel poppers with the help of a special surprise guest and alumni of the YANKEES. This class is currently full, but you can put your child on the waiting list.
  • Starting SUNDAY, JUNE 11th and continuing through the 18th, order the falafel from Bareburger and your purchase returns to ATS, again to fund our cooking programs in underfunded schools!
  • Stay tuned for future restaurant classes! We’ve got many more in the works.

Book a Class or Party

An on-site dinner party is an awesome way to spend time together with family and friends. Enjoy a fun evening while showing off your inner chef skills.

Support Us to Help Kids Eat Healthy

We are committed to bringing healthier options to the table. If you are a fan of our work and effort please consider making a kind donation towards a more nutritious future.

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