This week, educator Nikki and intern Themis made vegetarian couscous with their students. Students helped cut the veggies and stir them together in the pot. They really enjoyed the dish.

To make this easy recipe, first, cook the onion in olive oil and add veggie broth, then add carrots and couscous. Let simmer on the stove till the vegetable broth evaporates. Add seasonings like salt, pepper, and cumin and enjoy!


Couscous with Carrots
Serves 6-8

2 tablespoons olive oil, butter, or a combination, plus more for finishing
1 medium onion, chopped
2 medium carrots, chopped
1½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1½ teaspoons smoked paprika
½ teaspoon salt
Black pepper, to taste
1½ cups water or vegetable stock
½ cup raisins
1½ cups whole wheat couscous
½ cup chopped fresh parsley, plus more to garnish
Juice of ½ lemon (about 1-2 tablespoons) 

In a medium saucepan, heat the olive oil and/or butter over medium heat. When hot, add the onion and carrots with a pinch of salt, and saute until softened and beginning to brown, about 5-6 minutes. 

Add the spices and cook for a minute more, then pour in the water or vegetable stock. Bring to a boil, then add the couscous and raisins. Stir, remove from the heat, replace the lid, and let stand for five minutes. 

Fluff with a fork, add in the parsley, lemon juice, and a drizzle of olive oil or a pat of butter, and adjust seasoning, if necessary. Serve warm.

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