The best way to peak massive interest in food is to make it unbearably enticing:

“When we go into the classroom today, nobody go near my front table. There is something extremely hot and dangerous there.”

This is truth. A hot pan was fresh out of the oven and the last thing I wanted was for a student to go poking around hot metal. But of course, what does everyone do when they enter the classroom? Go straight to my front table.

“Gross! What is that?”

“Witch fingers.”
“Are they real witch fingers?”
(Really? You make this too easy.) “Yes. I caught the witches last night, chopped their fingers off and we’re going to bake them.”
Screams ignite, “I am so not eating these!”

“Would anyone like to try some?” I ignore the comment and every hand, including the one “not eating these” goes up.

They take small bites. “Hey, witches are pretty good. Will I have special powers tomorrow?”

“Yes, yes you will.”

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